The Bar Cabinet for Whisky, Gin & Co.

Timeless design as a tribute to the art of taste. As an avid fan of high-quality spirits, you know the special moment before taking the first sip: Gently swirling the spirit in a crafted glass exposing it to more oxygen, taking a deep breath, inhale the special scent of the spirit and dedicate all your attention to this moment. Our Bar Cabinet made out of the finest oak wood and noble fabrics, helping you to enjoy these unforgettable moments. The Gentleman Bar presents your spirits in a brand new and elegant ambience. Discover a new kind of taste.



Unforgettable Interior Design

The Bar Cabinet by Mai & Spengler is also suitable for commercial use and ensures a unique and unforgettable room design in apartments, hotels, suites, cigar rooms or cigar and whisky lounges. Also in showrooms or shops our Bar Cabinet is  the centrepiece of attention.

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Location Bavaria

Bavaria as our main location in Germany provides best product quality and reliability.

Timeless Design

The design of our Gentleman Bar is as timeless as the values of a Gentleman.

Build to Order

We produce only by request for nature and efficiency.


Details & Features

Each Mai & Spengler Bar Cabinet is a luxurious, unique piece of craftsmanship. The integrated drawer provides space to store your cigars in a humidor as well as other accessories and can also be used as a preparation and presentation area.

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Any Questions?

Send an email or give us a call. We will take care of your request within 24 hours. We are currently accepting pre-orders for international customers. Online shop is at the moment only available for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please note that ordered products differ from the images on the website, because each Bar Cabinet is handmade and unique. We also provide our customers customization and individualization with special requests of materials and colours.

For further details do not hesitate to contact us.

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